Can I call someone? Why don't you have a phone number?

Like many tech companies, we do not offer phone support. This helps us focus on delivering our promises, while ensuring the right people can help with your inquiry asap. We do respond to all inquiries via the form or email address above. 

I registered, but didn't get the welcome email:

If you are absolutely sure you registered with the correct email address, please check your inbox/spam/junk or promotions folders for the confirmation email from <<>>. If you are unsure that you used the right email address you can register a second time. FYI: Registering with numerous email addresses you own will not move you up the waitlist. 

If you haven't registered yet...

Get registered! We'll be giving members access based on where they are in the waitlist. You can speed up when you get access by promoting your custom link (provided on the thank you page and in the email we send you). 

There are other upsides for being a great promoter of RECIPROCATE that will give you benefits and better positioning when we've launched.    


What is Promo Nation? Who runs RECIPROCATE?

Co-founded by Marsha Wright a well-known serial-entrepreneur, marketing strategist and business influencer. Marsha is also a #1 Bestselling Author of a book on Strategic Alliances called 'The Secret Collaborative Economy'.

We've run viral marketing campaigns with billions of social media impressions, and helped thousands of businesses get more exposure. RECIPROCATE is a natural extension of that work, but without a cost. 

If you want to find out more about the company behind RECIPROCATE check out The disruptive 360º Sales & Marketing platform that helps you take your brand to the next level with; Lead Targeting, Promotion & Exposure, PR & Media Opportunities, Billboards, and more—at up to 90% off Marketing Agency rates.

Why is it free?

RECIPROCATE is a currently under development and will be a free service when launched. We believe in the spirit of reciprocity, and being able to help brands and small businesses get more exposure. RECIPROCATE will do that in a meaningful way. 

We are committed to offering a free cross-promotion platform and social collaborative network that is inherently good, authentic, fosters trust and transparency, and with zero big-data interests. We are NOT VC funded, and are committed to remaining independent.

We'll make it easier for brands to get the word out, cross-promote each other, and get rewarded for having a great reputation within the platform.